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What do your co-workers really think of you?

Everyday in the workplace, colleagues actively compete for a limited amount of perks, including raises, promotions, bonuses and recognition. But new research from Washington University in St. Louis in the USA shows that, more than often than not, people fall short in determining which co-workers might be trying to edge them out on the job. […]

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Why going the extra mile at work could be a backward step

Why going the extra mile at work could be a backward step Nicholas Kinnie, University of Bath; Bruce Rayton, University of Bath; Janet Walsh, King’s College London, and Stephen Deery, King’s College London In an increasingly competitive world, employers are always looking for ways to get more from their staff. Typically, this involves encouraging employees […]

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WorkLife: Why is work making us sick? (Audio)

WorkLife: Why is work making us sick? (Audio) Worker compensation claims have been decreasing over time but this masks all kinds of problems with our wellbeing at work. Making our workplaces healthier and safer means we have to confront all those things causing us stress at work. And that’s not going to be solved by […]

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Creative activities promote day-to-day wellbeing: Otago research

Everyday creative activity may lead to an “upward spiral” of increased wellbeing and creativity in young adults, new University of Otago research suggests. In their study, Department of Psychology researchers asked 658 university students to keep a daily diary of their experiences and emotional states over 13 days. After analysing the diaries the researchers, led […]

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Repeatedly thinking about work-family conflict linked to health problems

Thinking over and over again about conflicts between your job and personal life is likely to damage both your mental and physical health, research from Oregon State University suggests. The study included more than 200 people, with results showing that “repetitive thought” was a pathway between work-family conflict and negative outcomes in six different health […]

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