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Leadership Dimensions specialise in the performance, productivity, wellbeing, retention and development of your people. We have developed a suite of programs which are aligned with the World Health Organization’s definition of wellbeing:

Wellbeing is..

Using this definition as the basis of what we do, all our programs align to these four key areas, all essential for a healthy, productive, high performing organisation.

These programs focus on enhancing the current talent in your organisation to produce a greater return on investment for you through supervisory, management, leadership development and strategic programs.


ProductivityYour people are most productive at work when they feel valued, supported, informed and have the tools and skills to do more with less. This suite is designed to improve self and team management and get a higher return from your people.


Cumulative stress, or stress as a result of a critical incident at home or work, affects the ‘normal’ functioning of an individual, and an organisation. Our programs address what an individual, manager and an organisation can do.


Contribution Programs
These programs align individual values with living organisational values. When your staff feel aligned and loyal to your organisation’s values – they stay. Not just because they get paid, but because they feel their work and your organisation makes a difference.


Download Our Capabilities DocumentWe offer multi-day training programs, short modules, coaching sessions and a suite of blended learning (combined online and face-to-face) options which can be tailored to meet your organisational needs. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 122052), our solutions can be mapped to nationally accredited programs that articulate to degree programs.

So which area could you work on in order to have productive staff who perform well, do more with less, have greater resilience and stay in your organisation?

Call us on 1800 555 453 to see how we can help.