Download Our Capabilities DocumentOrganisational success relies on the capability and energy of its people. Ensuring your key leaders, managers and supervisors are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to harness and focus that capability and energy is critical.

As the contemporary workplace becomes more complex, as individuals are more self-aware and self-directed and as expectations, resource and commercial pressures continue to rise, an individual’s wellbeing and productivity is directly linked to how they perceive their value and how committed they feel to their job.

Using the World Health Organization’s definition of Wellbeing, Leadership Dimensions has a track record of working with large organisations to find ways to access the potential of all their employees and partners.

Over the past 27 years we have worked with over 18,500 learners. Whether it’s through developing leadership potential, dealing with stress, productivity and performance skills, project management, relationship development, team development or organisational legacy work, Leadership Dimensions works to develop empowered and engaged high-performing people who bring their best to create thriving organisations.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 122052), Leadership Dimensions does this through a range of tailored programs, courses and qualifications, in both accredited and non-accredited formats.

About Our Organisation

Learning Dimensions Network

Learning Dimensions Network (LDN) was established in 1993 by Kevin Obermuller and Louise Quinn and quickly became a market leader in the provision of training, coaching and performance management consulting services.

In 2003, to address the growing and distinct needs of large organisations, LDN expanded into two distinct but complimentary divisions,  Safety Dimensions focused on safety leadership and cultural change and Leadership Dimensions focused on management, performance and organisational wellbeing.

In 2014 LDN launched a new division, Workplace Dimensions, in response to the demand for individuals and small groups to wanting to grow their career via our learning methodologies and accredited training.

Safety Dimensions Logo

Safety Dimensions supports organisations to effectively deal with safety performance challenges. We train and develop leaders to do what’s required to tangibly change organisational safety behaviour, enable compliance and ensure due diligence. We know how important it is to create a sustainable safety culture that gives your people the right skill sets, mind-sets and tools, rather than just putting more ‘rules’ or paper trails in place.

Our approach increases engagement at all levels, be it your leaders, safety teams or employees to ensure corporate governance, reduced LTIs and Work Cover claims, and most importantly to give workers and your organisations the skills to send each person home safely every day.

Visit: www.safetydimensions.com.au
Free call: 1300 453 555

Workplace Dimensions

Workplace Dimensions is the training division that implements industry-specific training programs designed and tested by Safety Dimensions or Leadership Dimensions. Workplace Dimensions brings experience from providing intensive, high impact training that supports skill development to thousands of people throughout Australia. Launched in January 2014, Workplace Dimensions leverages the learning methodology, design, delivery techniques and subject matter expert knowledge of its consulting sister divisions Safety Dimensions and Leadership Dimensions to ensure it can deliver on low risk, engaging and impactful delivery of training which requires new skills to be taught, practised and embedded into behaviour.

Government funding may be available to eligible individuals and organisations for Certificate IV programs. Check out the website for more information.

Programs run in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane and other locations by request.

Visit: www.workplacedimensions.com.au
Free call: 1300 453 555

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