Blended LearningBased on research and extensive development, Safety Dimensions is proud to launch our safety leadership blended learning option, available to all clients.

WE KNOW…People are increasingly reliant on information being available so they can undertake ‘just in time learning’ any time, any place. WE KNOW… People face difficulty being away from work and home for multiple days when there are so many pressures on them already. WE KNOW… Organisations face the high costs of commuting staff to one location for multiple days of training and the strain this places on the organisation. Using technology as an enabler, Safety Dimensions now offers a blended learning option which utilises the best of both online and face-to-face learning.

Why Blended Learning?

While some organisations say, “let’s put everything online,” our extensive research (and stories from many personal experiences) has shown that online programs alone are not that effective in delivering sustainable behavioural change. We also know that not all staff have regular access to the internet, and are not always based in the office. So, Safety Dimensions quest has been to find out how to give you the best of both worlds – online and face-to-face – which creates the new habits through individualised feedback, observation, practice, group sharing and insightful coaching. An 11 year research project, undertaken by the Center of Technology and Learning at SRI International for the US Department of Education, found the most effective way to deliver learning and ensure it changes behaviour is through using this blended approach – a combination of technology delivery and face-to-face delivery.


Benefits of Blended Learning

Reduced Classroom Time:

  •  Reduced investment required.
  • Less downtime.
  • Less resource coverage required while the participants are away.
  • Same learning outcomes, engagement and results.
  • More time to practice, trial and learn new skills.

Introduction of Self-Directed Learning and 1:1 Coaching Components:

  • More flexibility – the participant learns when they are ready.
  • Same access to our experts to answer questions and clarify points.
  • More ability to reflect and revisit content before the practice session.

Introduction of Applied Learning Components:

  • More opportunities for new skills and habits to be formed.
  • More value add to the organisation through completion of relevant and valuable workplace tasks.
  • Ensures a deeper understanding and application of the content.


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