Face to face training

Why train face-to-face in an online world?

For all the benefits of having the world of knowledge stored in your pocket, why is face-to-face training still ‘a thing’? Why do countless organisations still undertake face-to-face training – and is there a place for instructor-led training  and online learning to work together for the best learning outcome? Let’s explore… Why face-to-face has a […]

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Financial fundamentals – making sense of the numbers

“Understanding the numbers” often creates a feeling of dread in leaders who are experts in their field, but haven’t come from a financial background. From understanding budgets, profitability and financial jargon, the ability and confidence to understand the “money side of things” is a foundation skill for managing projects and performance. Many organisations (rightly) promote people into leadership positions because they excel at […]

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Leadership Excellence at Downer (LEaD1)

Leadership Excellence at Downer (LEaD1) Downer is the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand. It works closely with its customers to design, build and sustain assets, infrastructure and facilities. The Group employs approximately 56,000 people across more than 300 sites, primarily in Australia and New Zealand and also in the Asia-Pacific […]

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The 8 skills successful leaders need in 2018

Melissa Williams, CEO Learning Dimensions Network After a conversation with Leadership Dimensions Managing Partner Janet McCulloch, we have been reflecting on the topic of leadership. Let’s face it, being a leader today is a challenge. As we enter 2018 our world is more competitive, complex, globally connected (with speed and immediacy) and customers are more […]

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Why the world needs intelligent leaders

Why the world needs intelligent leaders and what it takes to be one The emerging world order needs leaders with specific modes of intelligence to deal with the challenges ahead. Shutterstock Theo Veldsman, University of Johannesburg The world today is characterised by increasing variety, interdependency and connectivity; complexity, change, ambiguity, seamlessness and sustainability. There’s no […]

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Major change at work can trigger loss and grief

Major change at work can trigger loss and grief. Employees are often unsettled by change in their organisations. Shutterstock Mias de Klerk, Stellenbosch University There is hardly an organisation in the world – big or small – that doesn’t have to adapt to changing circumstances. The pace of development in technology, the quick pace at […]

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Learning Dimensions Network RTO Status Renewed

Learning Dimensions Network, who’s sister brands include Safety Dimensions, Leadership Dimensions and Workplace Dimensions have had our Registered Training Organisation status renewed for another 7 years by regulatory body ASQA. ASQA’s recent focus has been on quality and compliance and for an organisation to gain RTO status with ASQA, they must the following requirements for registration: […]

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