Course – Emotional First Aid

When someone cuts their finger making dinner or grazes their knee, it is rare they need much more than a band-aid.

In the same way, when a colleague is emotional in the workplace, it may only require some words of comfort or a ‘sympathetic ear’ – the equivalent of an emotional band-aid.

This course, which is not specific to those managing others, offers any individual a framework for supportive conversations that do not stray into counselling or therapy.

Whether related to a specific incident or just a result of cumulative stress, this program seeks to build confidence in having ‘personal’ conversations in a professional environment.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognise when a colleague is distressed or behaving contrary to their normal state
  • Open the conversation in a way that encourages dialogue
  • Ask questions and listen rather than ‘tell’ or problem-solve
  • Provide basic support that promotes natural recovery
  • Offer simple suggestions for ‘immediate’ stress management (walk, cup of tea, quiet or confidential space, etc.)
  • Address immediate needs, reduce initial distress, promote coping and encourage adjustment (particularly in a situation that requires change)
  • Identify if the situation is more significant and requires referral through to medical or professional help

Audience type

Anyone who takes on a support role with any colleague in the workplace