BSB42015 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

New Leadership & Management Qualification For the Contemporary Workplace

The BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management has been replaced by the new qualification BSB42015 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.

As our work environments become more ambiguous, complex and fast paced, the BSB42015 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management has been developed to provide the essential leadership skills to survive and thrive.

Successful companies have learnt the strength of their internal and external relationships is what makes them prosper, so this program recognises the need to be able to network, manage change and influence outcomes, whilst retaining the core skills of building trust, providing feedback and coaching and being able to get the best from their people.

Participants will learn how to implement operational plans, develop priorities, communicate effectively as a workplace leader, provide leadership to others, and monitor and support team effectiveness applicable to range of different context and industries.

To express your interest in this new Leadership and Management qualification program, please contact us at or 1300453 555