Our quality design process begins with our core philosophy – focus on the learner and the business objectives. We do this by integrating your wider organisational objectives into your program design, making the content relevant to the learner and their environment using concepts, case studies, stories, examples and activities that are practical and easy to implement back in the workplace.

Our facilitators draw upon the latest thinking in adult learning techniques to communicate and engage different people across a broad range of industries, job roles, cultures and levels of experience.

At Leadership Dimensions we design bespoke, tailored or customised solutions and offer pre-existing or ‘off the shelf’ programs. In collaborating with us, you are able to leverage 20 years of experience of what has worked successfully for other organisations and make it unique to your own organisation.

All our design, assessment and evaluations are internally tested for clarity before being presented to our clients.

Our Breadth of Design and Delivery Capability

Bespoke Programs

• Designed specifically to meet the needs of the client, or the participant group
• High levels of collaboration with internal stakeholders, SMEs and leadership
• All case studies and activities reflect the workplace of the organisation for full relevance
• All examples and case studies are industry-specific
• Organisationally built and owned systems, processes, methodologies and cultural guidelines are included or reinforced within the content
• All IP will be fully owned by the client


Tailored Programs

• High degree of design consultation with internal SMEs, stakeholders and business leaders
• Case studies and activities are designed for greatest relevance to the workplace environment of the learners
• Licensing may be available
• May draw on theory available in the public forum
• Existing IP remains the property of the company bringing it to the project, and jointly created IP is owned jointly


Customised Programs

• Established and proven  methodology and content
• Case studies and activities designed to be relevant to the learners in the group and to reflect the organizational environment
• Culture surveys may be included as ‘health checks’ or data for HSE or Senior Executive
• Workplace projects are used to increase the traction into the workplace
• Existing IP remains the property of the company bringing it to the project, and  jointly created IP is owned jointly


Pre- Existing – Off-the-Shelf

• Proven and pre-designed content
• Applied methodology
• Case studies and activities are generic and contextualized by the facilitator in the training
• Stories may be drawn from a range of industries or experiences that the full range of learners can relate to
• Workplace assignments are generic but can be applied by the learners to their workplace
• IP is owned by Leadership Dimensions
• Full program may be licensed for internal delivery with regular auditing and accreditation of internal trainers by Leadership Dimensions

How we work with you

Our national in-house Instructional Design, Publishing and Graphic Design teams provide all the support to ensure quality and timeliness in the production of manager and learner support materials; including your branding and use of the your corporate style guide and provide soft and hard copies of agreed documentation.

Materials can include:

  • Program overviews
  • Learning and assessment strategies
  • Facilitator manuals
  • Workbooks and learner guides
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Assessment tools
  • Workplace or project tasks
  • Memory prompts
  • Activity and training aids
  • Learning evaluation materials
  • Webinars
  • Pre and post embedding activities (these may be online)
  • Videos or eLearning products

Our clients describe us as a partner, not a provider. Our consultative approach, strong project management team and ability to work on time and on budget feels like we are an extension of your own organisation rather than an external provider. We recognise that you are measured on the quality of your outcomes and we take pride in making you look good.