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Promoted to manager?

Here are 3 things you should never forget John Rice, Professor of Management, University of New England and Nigel Martin, Lecturer, College of Business and Economics, Australian National University Researchers at the London School of Economics have for many years been tracking the performance of managers, as rated by the people they manage. And the […]

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David Logan On Tribal Leadership – Video

“Tribal Leadership” argues that groups of 20-150 people, or “Tribes”, have more influence than teams, companies or CEOs in determining how much and what quality work gets done. Co-author Dave Logan identifies five tribal stages: Life sucks, My life sucks, I’m great and you’re not, We’re great and Life is great – and shows how […]

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Inspiring a life of immersion

We each want to live a life of purpose, but where to start? In this luminous, wide-ranging talk, Jacqueline Novogratz introduces us to people she’s met in her work in “patient capital” — people who have immersed themselves in a cause, a community, a passion for justice. These human stories carry powerful moments of inspiration. […]

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