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Burnout caused by more than just job stress

Impossible deadlines, demanding bosses, abusive colleagues, unpaid overtime: all factors that can lead to a burnout. But when it comes to mental health in the workplace, the influence of home life must also be considered to get the full picture. New research proves that having an understanding partner is just as important as having a […]

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Ostracism Worse Than Bullying In The Workplace Says Study

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found that while most consider ostracism less harmful than bullying, feeling excluded is significantly more likely to lead to job dissatisfaction, quitting and health problems. “We’ve been taught that ignoring someone is socially preferable–if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” says […]

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Dealing With Stress

New Dealing With Stress Program Suite

Dealing With Stress Programs Stress comes in many forms, sometimes positive and useful for peak performance and sometimes counterproductive when built up over a period of time.  Stress shows up as higher absenteeism, higher workcover claims, poor performance, bullying behaviour, harassment, and a negative toxic culture. Whilst most companies have preventative safety programs, they fail to […]

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Many may end their own lives due to work

An estimated 3,800 people who took their own lives in Australia in the decade to 2011 may have done so due to work, says a new Work and Suicide Prevention Position Statement from Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA). Adults spend about a third of their waking hours at work. The workplace provides a unique opportunity to […]

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