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Accessing the Value of a ‘Boomerang Employee’ Webinar

Janet McCulloch_BWHeld: October 2012 Duration: 30 minutes Presented By: Janet McCulloch

We all know that finding and recruiting the right employees is costly. Organisations are discovering that maintaining healthy relationships with past employees can provide an unexpected pool of potential talent who already know and understand your unique culture and who can ‘hit the ground running’.

In providing a balanced view of how to ‘short-cut’ the recruitment process, thus reducing cost, without adding risk to your business. Janet McCulloch, Lead Consultant with Learning Dimensions Network, will address points including:


  • Bring an existing understanding of your business plus additional experience and maturity
  • Can provide an ‘external perspective’ on what works in your business and where you may be lagging
  • Can significantly reduce the cost of recruitment by becoming productive more quickly


  • Reactions of current employees who see leaving as ‘disloyal’
  • A potential anchor to past ways of doing things
  • Perceptions of the prodigal getting increased benefits

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How to Access Government Funding For Your Organisation’s Accredited Training*

Canberra Parliament HouseHeld: Tuesday 30 July, 2013

*See 8th September Information Update Below.

Duration: 30 mins Presented By: Melissa Williams and Junny Ebenhaezer


Need to up-skill your workforce? Did you know funding is available at both State and Federal government level for staff development via accredited training?

Although many organisations are keen to apply and reap the benefits of an up-skilled workforce, it can be a challenge to understand what’s available, the eligibility criteria and the application process.

You are invited to spend 30 minutes with Junny Ebenhaezer, Academic Program Manager and Melissa Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Learning Dimensions Network in this webinar as they unravel the opportunities for up-skilling your new and existing workforce with the help of State and National incentives.

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*8th September Update: With the recent change of federal government there may be adjustments to the funding schemes mentioned in the webinar. We will publish an update as soon as we are alerted to any changes. Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding the current funding schemes, please contact Email [email protected]

Extra Resources – Australian Government Skills Connect information

Special Safety Briefing Webinar For Councils

Louise Quinn_originalHeld: February 2013 Duration: 30 minutes


Are you comfortable that your council is meeting its legal duty to keep workers, ratepayers and others free from work health and safety (WHS) risks? How do you know…?

Find out what every CEO and Executive Team of every Council needs to know to limit their personal and organisational WHS risks, and manage those risks.

Presented by Safety Dimensions, this free briefing is focused on powerful, practical and easy to apply approaches, to ensure compliance at all levels of Council operations and to help keep your workers safe.

Australia’s leading experts, Andrew Cardell-Ree and Louise Quinn, explore the specific council landscape, sharing the latest updates in understanding of:

  • Your organisational and personal legal obligations, in an easy to understand way.
  • What you need to do to manage your personal WHS risks.
  • Practical techniques to encourage your team to demonstrate the personal responsibility and safe behaviours that are essential to help you and your Council manage your legal WHS risks.

You and your safety leadership team are invited to spend 30 minutes with industry experts in this opportunity to confirm that your Council is on the right track with its legal compliance. You might just gather new insights on how to ensure your Council achieves its desired safety outcomes – preventing harm and enabling everyone to think and act safely, every day.

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Building A Strong Safety Strategy In Tough Economic Times.
What’s essential and what’s an ‘extra’? Webinar

em_Louise-QuinnHeld: February 2013 Duration: 30 minutes Presented By: Louise Quinn

How do you keep the focus on safety when there are competing demands in today’s tough economic times?

As leaders in the safety arena – how do we guide our teams and the broader organisation to focus on what is essential, the must haves? In these current ‘tough times’ what part of your approach could be negotiable, or done differently without causing harm to your workers safety?

And how do you position safety as a strategy that enables the current focus of your leaders, not as an additional expense to the organisation.

The insights in this webinar are invaluable when you need to scrutinise where every dollar is spent.

Join Louise Quinn, Managing Partner of Safety Dimensions for this free 30 minute webinar and discover the essential and non-essential elements of a safety strategy when money and resources are tight.

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Sustainable Safety Leadership – Beyond The Training Webinar

Louise Quinn_originalHeld: December 2012 Duration: 30 minutes Presented By: Louise Quinn

So, you’ve done some safety leadership training and have begun thinking about new ways of operating and behaving. But how do you keep it alive and form new habits across your organisation that ultimately achieve the results?

Recent neuroscience research into the way we think tells us that we are hard wired for many of our behaviours – operating on ‘auto pilot’ and repeating behavioural patterns we prefer. How can we leverage this research and gain new insights into embedding safety leadership into our organisational culture and personal actions, way beyond the training?
If you want to ensure that you and your organisation sustain the key messages and outcomes of your safety leadership training, join us for webinar to explore the six key strategies that will awaken and embed your desired safety outcomes.

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5 Keys to Managing ‘Risky’ Behaviour Webinar

November 2012 Duration: 30 minutes Presented By: Sue Fricke

Lead Consultant Sue Fricke uncovered 5 key strategies and actions you can take to manage others who seem to choose risky actions over safe actions.

It is often only after an incident occurs that there is recognition that a safe action was not taken, and that the incident could have been prevented. It is possible to change this mindset and create a workplace where risky behaviour is no longer part of the “way we work around here”.

The 5 key strategies will enable you to manage others who have demonstrated a willingness to take the risk rather than follow the procedure.

Sue covered information and practical steps and strategies covering the following areas:

  • What you can do – practically and immediately?
  • The impact of our daily choices, based on our tolerance of perceived risk
  • The role of emotion in personal risk assessment
  • Our natural tendency to find a shortcut in decision making
  • The role of our brain and its design – where can we can adjust our leadership practices to influence others’ behaviour?

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